In this band, drummers play sounds more than musicians play drums !
Our drumset is a pretext to play as free as possible in an improvised way or not, with beat or not, noisy or not, with or without amplification, with or without alcohol…

The recording "Über dem Stammtisch" is an improvisation play at home with little object on the table of the living room.

Laurent Berger - drumset, objects, microphones, samples
Xavier Fassion – drumset, objects, microphones
Pascal Gully – drumset, objects

Excerpts :
Suboko Part 1 : 1’23’’
Suboko Part 2 : 5’28’’
Über dem Stammtisch : 11’54’’

Suboko Part 1
mp3 - 1.9 Mo
Suboko Part 8
mp3 - 5 Mo
Über dem Stammtisch
mp3 - 10.9 Mo