Nuit chauve

With Antje Schur & Xavier Fassion

Nuit chauve (Bald night) is a minimalist play composed from a text about bats I wrote. The repetitive structure of the text forms the score of the actions, of the dance, the music and the play of light on stage.
Inspired by the observation of the flying mammals, the play requires the total darkness and a sharp listening.
The sound demonstrations result from momentary or slow motions amplified by microphones, and from the spoken and sung text.

The sound piece was composed from the words of the text red by Antje and me.

Excerpts : sound piece : 1’53’’
video : 2’13’’

Nuit chauve (audio)
mp3 - 1.8 Mo
Nuit chauve (video)
mp4 - 4 Mo