The Tandem (2)

The Tandem is a device constituted by two bikes faced and connected one to another by a chain ; a rotor links the chain to a video camera so that pedaling makes the camera turn in between the "riders".
We so obtain a vertical panoramic view including the participants in their environment.

In this case the Tandem was used to make a portrait of an area, Haute-Bruche valley (Alsace, east France), threw somes of the people leaving there.

2 excerpt :
Stéphane & his son Aimeric : 9’38’’
Sophie & his son Vito : 13’19’’

Stéphane et son fils Aimeric
mp3 - 17.6 Mo
Sophie et son fils Vito
mp3 - 24.4 Mo
pdf - 226.7 ko